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Most people, yourself included assuming that being able to use a search Engine entails typing words in relation to the topic you desire to look for and hitting the enter key on your computer. Well that is okay you will get good search results, but the main question then becomes, how effective is that search?

I will tell you, not very much. This article seeks to take you through tips that you could follow to make sure that you are able to use your search engine effectively and get good search results. For the purposes of being specific, we choose to refer to Google seeing it is the predominant search engine.

1. Use of Quotation Marks

For instances where you desire to look for specific phrases, the use of the “quotation” marks allows you to narrow down the results you get down to the results, documents or information sources that have this specific phrase, in that exact order of words. For instance, when you enter a phrase such as “Essay Writing online”, you will only get results of documents or posts that exclusively uses the words exactly the way they appear in the order of their sequence.

use of quotation marks

2. Removing the added Suffixes on the word

In order to make sure that search engine results are fully inclusive of all the possible results in relation to a certain topic, dropping of word suffixes proves to be quite effective. For instance, when you are seeking to research on let’s say, Garlic. Entering the word garlic is more effective when you enter the word garlic. The reason this is so is that the search results that contain ‘Garlic’ will be ignored in favor of searches that contain ‘Garlics’.

removing the added suffixes

3. Using of Specific terms that are unique for good Search

This is probably the most effective tip that we will teach you; the broader the number of words that you enter into your search engine the higher the number of non-specified results you will get. Citing an example, entering a top such as “Baby food for the first six months” will give you more results most of them not as relevant as opposed to searching for the same information using the phrase,” Baby food six months” which is more efficient.

baby food for six month

4. Dump the punctuating marks and those articles

Use of “a”, “an” and “the” despite what you primary school teacher may have told you, these common words are always ignored by the search engine and there if no reason why you should include them in your searches. So are punctuation marks with the exception of a few, especially when looking for specific references. For example, searching for “game” and “the game” will not give you the same results.

the game

5. Consistency in Use of the Autocomplete option

You will realize that whenever you start typing on your search engine after you have ordered it from general to specific, there is a drop-down menu that displays various options closest to whatever you are searching for. Selecting the most similar to what you want to look for is what we call maximization of the autocomplete and chances of getting good search results.

auto complete search

We encourage you to try these five tips in your quest to make sure that you are able to effectively use your search engine in a manner that works for you.







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