Best Summer Learning Educational Apps for Kids

educational apps for kids

  Best Educational Apps for Kids

So the kids are finally home for summer and you are wondering what could possibly be the best Learning Educational Apps for kids that could help them study throughout the holidays. Well, fret no more. We have a variety of good School Apps that we could suggest for you.

Disney Story Central

disney story central

If your kid is two years and above, then this is possibly the best Learning App for them. It is an Educational App that employs storytelling as its main feature. It has a large selection of e-books that has stars mainly from Disney; Princesses, Mikey mouse among much more. The first four stories are free and you are thereafter able to buy other books in different packages that start from $4. It is possibly the best Educational App for bedtime stories too.

The Magic School Bus

the magic school bus

This is possibly the most Educational App in the sense that it is quite interactive. It is a Learning App that has a story that will take your kid into a virtual aquatic bus ride that magically has the ability to transform into the space ship, a submarine, a surfboard and even a plane as they learn about many scientific aspects. This is a School App that is perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 8 years. Get this Learning App for your kids and watch them have fun.

 Goldie Box

goldie box

This is one of the very few Apps for Education that is specifically designed to encourage your daughter into becoming a future engineer. It inspires girls to learn basic animation tricks and that way, she is able to create her very own animated GIFs. It is a School App that is appropriate for kids over six years. This School App is free for iPad and iPhone users.

The Sight Word Adventure

The Sight Word Adventure

With the obvious interest in hiding and seek by kids, this Educational Apps for kids helps kids recognize up to 320 words in terms of being able to read them and eventually writing them down correctly. The cognitive sense in kids is sharpened through visually memorizing and active listening to various words that are in this Learning APP. With a budget of only $5, you can be able to get this outstanding Educational App for your child.

The Thinking Block Multiplication

The Thinking Block Multiplication

This School App has been successfully used by kids in both the third and the fourth grades to solve multiplication problems through being able to visualize word problems. The learning App applies a strategy supported by the Common Core Standards. Thinking Block is available among Apps for Education free of charge for iPad users only.

The stack the States

the stack the states

This exclusively geography Learning App is perfect in assisting your kid to learn about geographical areas all over in a fun way. By answering questions about state flags, nicknames given to various states, their capital cities among other geographical facts, they are rewarded with a ring of stars that enables them to access the map of that particular state until they are able to unlock the next level. This School App is available on iTunes and Google Play for only $2 dollars.

The Vocabulary Spelling City

The Vocabulary Spelling City

This School App is for kids in different school grades levels. It allows kids to choose different compound words or sounds like depending on their levels. They are even able to take spelling tests, unscramble letters or even arrange the words in an alphabetical order depending on their level. This Educational App is free on iTunes and Google Play.

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