Best Social Media Apps to use


Social media is a collective mode of online communications that are used by a large number of people or groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional relationships with others. It is provided for community-based input, interactions, content-sharing, social media pictures and collaboration with others.

Common examples of social media include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.


Facebook is one of the best and easiest social media mobile apps.  It is most of the popular free social media app. It allows registered users to create the profile, upload photo and videos, send messages and even keep in touch with our friends and our family or relatives.


In Facebook, we can create our profile including a photo and brief information about you. We can create new friends and even make friends groups. We can also follow our friends and check their status that what they are doing and sending messages to them. We can also find an articles or videos that are like by you and you can also post it to others. So anyone that follows you can also watch and commented on your video or post. Many peoples also use Facebook to watch videos and to see social media pictures of celebrities and popular personalities.



Instagram is a free online photo sharing service and online social media cool app. It is acquired by the facebook in 2012. In this, there is no need to create a profile. But we provide a small description or short biography about us. We can easily upload and edit photos with other members directly using this app and even through other social media apps.

Instagram also supports video uploads and also provides the direct messaging facility. People can also like or comment on photos and videos.



Pinterest is also a type of online free social media app. It lets users share images and videos with others. It is laid like a virtual corkboard.

Once your free account is registered, then we can create our own boards to organize our content, for example, photography, home decorations, etc. Images uploaded by users are called pins and may be organized into pinboards. They may be customized, themed and followed by other users. Other Pinterest users can browse our boards and also give comments on individual items.



Twitter is a free social media networking cool app that allows registered members to broadcast short posts are called tweets. Its members can broadcast tweets and also follow other users’ tweets on the way.

It provides a great way to connect with people publicly and deliver news about you. Like Instagram, you just write a short biography about yourself and add a photo. After that, you can write short updates, only 140 characters, known as tweets. You can also add links, photos, and videos, but the writing must be kept short.

People also called ‘twitter’ as a microblogging service because they treated as a miniature blog.



Snapchat is a free online mobile app that allows users to take pictures and record videos. If desired, can also add captions to them and send them to selected individuals. Photos and videos taken using this app are called snaps. It’s the best app to see social media pictures and make pictures to upload.

Snapchat uses the device’s or mobile’s camera to capture snaps and Wi-Fi technology to send them. It allows the sender to draw or insert text on the snap and determine how many seconds the recipient can view it before the file disappears from the recipient’s device. This is because users can set a time limit, after that the picture or the video is removed from the SnapChat server and the recipient’s device.


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