Best Action Games for Android

best action games

We are sure you agree with us when we say that there is absolutely no a more engaging way to spend your leisure time than playing a blood pumping action game. The thrill an adventure game provides is incomparable to nothing. There are numerous best action games out there and many more Android games continue to be released. We attempt to point out some of our best adventure games and hope you get inspired to try these action games out if you haven’t yet.

Grand Theft Auto

From the PC version, this action game is finally an android game available now On the Google Play Store for only $9.99. It offers you a five GTA title options to choose from and I can assure you that of all the best action games, there is no way you will go wrong with any of these(China town Waves, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and San Andreas). This action game is highly rated and therefore definitely not for kids.

Nonstop Knight

This is typically the best example of what action games should be about. You literally live to fight in this android game. Your progress through the levels earn you gems, money and other tokes that you use on upgrading your weaponry and other statistics. It, however, provides the option of permanently ascending in the levels as you progress through being able to pass a wall that is quite strong. Nonstop Knight falls perfectly between an action game and an adventure game. Get it for free now and decide for yourself where you think it falls. I would say it is more action.

Alto’s Adventure

Need I say more, doesn’t the name says it all? This is an instant hit amongst all those who live for adventure. This is one of the android best action games I know you will be playing endlessly due to how captivating it is. I know I have. Backflips, jumps, neck breaking running speed are some of the race adventures Alto, the Ilama farmer, encounters in the mountainous region he explores. It is an android game appropriate for everyone that will really get you relaxed.

The Pixel Gun 3D

The most outstanding feature in this android game is its outstanding controls. This adventure game offers you a thorough customization option to your avatar and a myriad of weapons to choose from. The actual action in the game takes place in an arena where you begin with a deathmatch and it is upon you to unlock other modes in the game. I dare say that there is no a better best action games among the android games right now.

Into the Dead

If Zombies are your thing then this is your perfect android game. It is a 3D Android game that is more of an adventure game than it is an action game. Though you are provided with weapons and will be able to use them once in a while, it really is your ability to learn that is going to save you. There are thousands of Zombies after you trying to kill you. The high number of silhouettes and darkness in the graphics makes it really cool. Get this adventure game and save yourself from the “Zombie” of boredom.



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