About Us

Admit it?

Finding the best reviews, news, and guide for your gadget is hard.

The truth?

Most marketers out there are in for affiliate sales or increase their traffic. Therefore, they will present biased information about the product in their review.

What about us?

We go an extra mile. We don’t just tell you what gadget to buy and what’s the latest in mobile, games and mobile apps. For buying, we tell you if it is worth your investment. Which means, your money is spent on the right product that is will make your life comfortable.

If you read other technology and mobile gaming sites, you will see how much emphasis is placed on the pros and cons of the product. What they don’t tell you is that how all this is going to affect your operation if you want to buy. With us, we look at every functionality and specs of the gadget and tell you without biases if it is meant for you.

Getting Stuck?

We will help you to give latest technology updates, news and reviews. If you want to know latest tips and tricks and want to solve your issues. TechnoDuzz is your best source to get the latest information and tips & tricks


We go an extra inch, to tell you the best alternative gadget in case you don’t like the ones.

We regularly keep you updated with the cutting-edge hacks, tips, and tricks. Which means, you will have an easy and quick way of operating your devices. We do all the dirty work of finding news and trends that are shaping the technology landscape. Which means you will always be in the know.

Our in-house team of writers is tech enthusiasts whose primary goal is to make sure that when you buy any product, you are going to have a pleasant experience with it.

Our team of writers will go through every single permutation, and they will answer every single conceivable question about any devices. That is the kind of experience we want to create with this site. Not just review product but something that will change lives.

We want when you open up that iPhone or HTC you know that is beautiful, it is something that you knew worked. It has been vetted. This level of specificity is what all this site is about.